Why Study in Malaysia?


High academic standards and international recognition

Education is an investment, so you want to make sure you get a good qualification and a high standard of learning You can be assured that you will receive education qualifications that are of international standards and recognition.

Easy visa Procedure Immigration Procedure for you & your family- They are simple & Hassel- Free.

  • Low Cost of Living: In comparison to other countries,cost of living in Malaysia is quite low and inexpensive. Essential living costs in Malaysia are inescapable, but they are also quite low.
  • Low Tuition Fees: A tuition fee for studying in Malaysia is extremely competitive and affordable. For masters course you would spend approx between INR 3,36,000 to 4,80,000 per year depending on the University. Studying in Malaysia is value for money option.
  • Work Permit Options: During studies students are allowed to work 20hrs per week. After the completion of studies ,students are eligible for 1 year of work permit also.
  • Visa Without IELTS: There is no compulsory requirement for English test in Malaysia. Medium of Instruction in Malaysia Universities is English.

Experience the cultural diversity Multicultural and Multi-religious community with stronger respects for other races and cultures..Eating out in Malaysia is an adventure for food lovers.

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